A Industry Partner of the New Jersey School Nutrition Association is an company or organization that does not qualify for other types of membership and is interested in furthering the programs of our Association. Such as: Food, Technology, Point of Sale, Apparel, Equipment etc. 
As an NJSNA industry partner, you will have direct access to Directors, Buyers, Supervisors, and future child nutrition department leaders who represent School Food and Nutrition Services in the state of New Jersey.
*As of April 1, 2023 the membership cycle will be from April 1 - March 31, for all memberships*
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Benefits of an Industry Membership with NJSNA

The New Jersey School Nutrition Association appreciates your support of our mission very much. 
Partnerships with companies/organizations that provide products & services to School Nutrition Programs are essential to our longevity and we hope to keep it that way for years to come!