Are you ready to grow your career and be seen as a K-12 school nutrition leader?

Open up new opportunities and demonstrate your professionalism by earning a School Nutrition Specialist Credential or Certificate in School Nutrition. Whether you’re pursuing one of the four levels of the Certificate Program or sitting for the Credentialing exam, these pathways help you achieve the professional growth you deserve.

SNA Certificate Program

Have you been thinking about earning your SNA Certificate in School Nutrition? There is no time like the present! 
Earning your SNA Certificate in School Nutrition shows your commitment to your profession and helps you stay current on the job.
Take the first step towards your Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 certificate in School Nutrition by downloading the Certificate in School Nutrition Program Guide (which includes the application) or visiting for all the details.

SNS Credentialing

SNA established the School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Credentialing Program in 1997 to enhance the professional image of school nutrition professionals, elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance. 
The SNS Credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects what it takes to manage school nutrition programs in today's challenging climate. The SNS Credentialing Exam evaluates candidates' knowledge and skills required to perform specific job activities related to managing or directing school nutrition programs.
For additional information, or to register click here

Additional Resources

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